Power Wash Project

Bay Area Paint and Tile (bayareapaintandtile.com, mr.saenz@att.net, 281-382-6479) recently completed an Exterior Power Washing Project which consisted of 3 different (connected) homes. It consisted of treating surfaces with a non bleach water based cleaning product and power washing all surfaces (except the roof). We used a non bleach water based product because bleach would damage all copper roof, gutters/downspouts. Labor consisted of all decking (especially rear; topside and bottom side off all decking), upper 3rd story wood stained ceilings, all vertical columns/railing/spindles, soffit, fascia, trim, garage doors, regular doors, storm shuttters, windows, stairs and siding. Power washing basically included all surface areas except copper surfaces (roof/gutters/downspouts) and front doors (stained). All Work was performed with a spirit of excellence and attention to detail. Decking took an extensive amount labor (tedious) with all underside framework (vertical and flat surfaces; extensive amount of mold) and lights to work around. Homeowners very pleased with superb results; another satisfied customer for Bay Area Paint and Tile! Bay Area Paint and Tile is a Member of the BBB of Greater Houston in Good Standing with an A + Rating!